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Giallo Macchine offers a wide range of used wheel loaders featuring excellent performance at a very affordable price – the opportunity that cannot be underestimated.

This type of earthmoving machines is used in a variety of applications including handling of inert materials on construction sites, moving equipment and laying pipes, transporting blocks and instruments in marble quarries and much more.

The purchase of used wheel loaders is an excellent offer for those searching for cost-effective solutions. Guaranteed functionality and efficiency defines Giallo Macchine on the market: each piece of equipment is carefully checked and subjected to strict tests that verify condition and performance levels.

The choice of used wheel loader brands and models from Giallo Macchine include Fiat Kolbeco, Fiat Hitachi, News Holland featuring different accessories (loading bucket or delta and forks), sizes from 1.86 to 4 meters and weights from 4.7 to 60 tons.

You can consult the available models on the website and immediately buy the used wheel loader that suits your needs in the best way: Giallo Macchine machine fleet is constantly updated.